Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 1 was titled "The Savior." How did it move this story along after such a lengthy summer hiatus? Watch Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 1 Online On the sixth season opener, the heroes plotted and schemed to stop Hyde, as Emma developed a curious side effect in the process. Meanwhile, while this was taking place, refugees from the Land of Untold Stories invaded Storybrooke. Also, Regina and Zelena became roommates; and, in a flashback, Jafar confronted Aladdin. What did we learn from this confrontation? What sort of cliffhanger did the premiere end on? Click on the video above to watch Once Upon a Time online and find out now.
Rob & Chyna Season 1 Episode 3 was titled "Going Down to Chyna-town." Because of course it was. Watch Rob & Chyna Season 1 Episode 3 Online On this edition of the new E! reality series, Rob Kardashian experienced a lot discomfort in the spotlight when he and Blac Chyna went to Khloe Kardashian's birthday party. He didn't have fun there at all. From there, the show's co-star was held under scrutiny by Chyna's family, who he met for the very first time during a trip to Washington, D.C., during which time he also visited the strip club that gave his fiancée her start. Sounds like quite an adventure! Use the video above to watch Rob & Chyna online to see how it all went down.
The funniest family on television is back! Finally! On Family Guy Season 15 Episode 1, Stewie and Brian put together a children's band that rocketed to the top of the charts... ... until, that is, a woman came between them and fragmented the group. Too bad, huh? Meanwhile, in another season premiere storyline, Peter and Lois ordered Chris to get a job. As a result, he went out landed one as personal assistant to Quagmire in charge of managing his sex life. How did THAT go? You are moments away from finding out. Use the video featured here to watch Family Guy online now.
That's all she wrote for Power Season 3. But how, exactly, was it written? How did Power Season 3 Episode 10 help move the story along? In very intense fashion? Watch Power Season 3 Episode 10 Online While in the middle of throwing the party of a lifetime, Ghost had to slip away to retrieve evidence on this week's installment of the Starz hit. Meanwhile, Tasha's attempt to save her family required that she enter an unlikely alliance, while Tommy thought about a move that would impact everyone's present and future. What was this move, exactly? Click on the video featured above to watch Power online and have that question answered for you now.
Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 was titled "Kudove." What took place on the premiere, following the show's first-ever summer hiatus? Watch Quantico Season 2 Episode 1 Online The second season opener found Alex at "the Farm," the CIA's mysterious training facility, where she learned all about the dark art of espionage. It was really an entirely new world for our heroine. She ended up getting pulled into a conspiracy that threatened the lives of Americans and countless others around the globe, as Quantico got off to an intense season two start. See what we mean when you click on the video above to watch Quantico online right now.

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