View Gallery 12 Photos Let the cross-country competition continue! Europe and the U.S. are having quite the face-off in the 2016 Ryder Cup, and there’s plenty more action where that came from. Catch all the Day 2 action with a free live stream right here! The Americans were playing with a vengeance on Day 1 of the Ryder Cup, as they have lost the last three consecutive Ryder Cups to the Europeans (including a heartbreaking loss on home turf in 2012). However, this time, things started off with a bang as Day 1 saw the Americans take a commanding 4-0 lead in the morning session. Will their good fortune continue into the second day? The second day of competition begins at 7:30 a.m. ET on Oct. 1, so make sure you don’t miss any of the action! NBC and The Golf Channel has their official coverage — CLICK HERE TO WATCH DAY 2 OF THE RYDER CUP In addition to NBC/The Golf Channel, fans can sign up for the FREE live stream courtesy of the Ryder Cup’s player. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP TO WATCH ..
Want to Spend the Day with Ryan Gosling on a Movie Set? Here’s How! and More News in Six Clicks Miu von Furstenberg | September 30, 2016 - 6:00 pm Just Cause: Ryan Gosling Looks Hot With A Schwinn MORE >> The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click! — Cutie Ryan Gosling wants you to join him – and possibly co-star Harrison Ford – on the set of their highly anticipated Denis Villeneuve-directed sequel to Blade Runner, which is being filmed in Budapest. [Celebuzz] — WATCH: Backstreet’s BACK with James Corden as their sixth member! [omgblog] — Amber Rose says Julianne Hough shamed her copious curves on DWTS. [Bossip] — Tim Burton is ‘more offended’ by politically correct inclusion than lack of diversity. [Celebitchy] — Another week, another hour of watching Robert Sepulveda Jr. shuffle through potential mates like they’re manila envelopes full of Creatine and facial moisturizer. [Towleroad] — Iggy Azalea fans are now going to have to wait f..
View Gallery 86 Photos Blac Chyna isn’t playing around anymore! The pregnant reality star is ready to DUMP her beau Rob Kardashian if he gives out his new number to any more ‘bi***es!’ Get the EXCLUSIVE scoop about why she’s willing to part ways with her baby daddy if he doesn’t straighten up his act! Blac Chyna, 28, has ZERO interest in sharing her man with any other women. The expectant star made that more than apparent when she posted Rob Kardashian‘s digits to Twitter on Sept. 29. But if you thought that seemed harsh, just wait until next time. “If Rob gives his new number out to any females that Blac suspects maybe more than a real genuine friend, she’ll be done with Rob,” a source close to the LashedBar owner tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s not about to be played by another man. She will literally delete him from her memory and will only deal with him for the sake of their daughter once she’s born.” Ouch. Our source continued, “She’s already told Rob she’s seri..
View Gallery 9 Photos Well you can hold off on all those pronouncements that Hugh Hefner is at death’s door, as the man himself has proclaimed he’s alive and well and even has weekend plans! Keep reading for how the 90-year-old ‘Playboy’ founder is hilariously squashing rumors that he’s going to be leaving us anytime soon! Hah, we love it! After reports swirled Sept. 30 that Hugh Hefner, 90, was gravely ill and near death, the Playboy legend clapped back in the most awesome way ever. He took to his Twitter account and announced, “I wish the tabloids had informed me a little earlier in the week that I’m sick. I might have cancelled my weekend plans.” ZING! Just goes to show after all these years he’s still got that suave swagger that made him such the famed ladies man. Not only that, he’s currently enjoying his movie night at the Playboy mansion, where he’s watching the classic western Shane in his home movie theater along with family and friends! Hugh shared a pic in his tradit..
Hollywood has always had a double standard when it came to women, since it is standard practice for women of a particular age to be ousted from the entertainment industry. While men can receive job opportunities well beyond their prime years, women are passed over for the next “It” girl as soon as the emergence of their first wrinkle. Because of this, more and more Hollywood starlets have turned to plastic surgery to try and stave off the aging process. This has resulted in some of the worst facial demolitions to the entertainment industry’s most favorite starlets, which was probably more detrimental than if they would have just let Father Time perform his duties unhindered. For the women that have been able to steer clear of the pressure of plastic surgery, the aging process has been even more shocking to the public. Ten years doesn’t seem like much wh..

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  • England manager: Arsene Wenger & Mauricio Pochettino open to role
    Arsenal's Arsene Wenger and Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino say they would consider managing England in the future. The post England manager: Arsene Wenger & Mauricio Pochettino open to role appeared first on News.
  • US student in ‘blackface’ mocks Black Lives Matter campaign
    US student in 'blackface' mocks Black Lives Matter campaign Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The video was shared amid rising tensions in the US, fuelled by anger at the disproportionate number of black people killed by police officers A video of a US student in "blackface" apparently mocking the Black Lives Matter campaign has […]
  • The heroin overdose antidote saving lives
    Media playback is unsupported on your device The heroin overdose antidote saving lives 30 September 2016 Last updated at 14:19 BST A year ago, a change in the law made it possible for people who might have to deal with overdosing heroin users to be allowed to carry an antidote. The injection, naloxone, can be […]
  • US protecting Syria jihadist group – Russia’s Lavrov
    US protecting Syria jihadist group – Russia's Lavrov Media captionSergei Lavrov: "We believe the plan was to spare Nusra" The US is trying to spare a jihadist group in its attempts to unseat Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, Russia's foreign minister has told the BBC. Sergei Lavrov said the US had broken its promise to separate […]
  • Palestinian and Israeli leaders shake hands at Peres funeral
    Media playback is unsupported on your device Palestinian and Israeli leaders shake hands at Peres funeral 30 September 2016 Last updated at 13:57 BST Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has shaken hands with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem. The post Palestinian and Israeli leaders shake […]
  • US ‘protecting Syria jihadist group’ – Russia’s Lavrov
    US 'protecting Syria jihadist group' – Russia's Lavrov The US is trying to spare a Syrian jihadist group in case it is needed to unseat President Assad, the Russian foreign minister has told the BBC. Sergei Lavrov said the US had broken its promise to separate the powerful Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra […]
  • Behind the hawker hustle
    In pictures: Behind the hawker hustle in Africa It's thought that more than half of Africa's GDP comes from the informal sector which accounts for around 80% of the labour force, many of them small traders. So should governments regulate traders? These vendors tell the BBC about their lives: Image copyright BBC's Boldwill Hungwe Image […]
  • US ‘protecting’ jihadist group – Russia
    US 'protecting' jihadist group – Russia US trying to spare jihadist group in case it's needed to unseat Syrian president, Russian foreign minister tells BBC This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version. If you want to receive Breaking News alerts […]
  • Russia spends ‘fortune’ on bridge to Crimea
    Media playback is unsupported on your device Russia spends 'fortune' on bridge to Crimea 30 September 2016 Last updated at 12:48 BST Russia has begun construction work on a bridge to its country's newest region, Crimea. The multi-billion dollar project started two years ago, after Russia seized control of Crimea from neighbouring Ukraine. The bridge […]
  • Rosetta mission ends in comet collision
    Rosetta mission ends in comet collision Image copyright Esa Image caption This is the image taken by Rosetta 10 seconds from impact Europe's Rosetta probe has ended its mission to Comet 67P by crash-landing on to the icy object's surface. Mission control in Darmstadt, Germany, was able to confirm the impact had occurred when radio […]